Paul Walker’s Character Brian O’ Conner Is Making A Comeback In Fast And Furious9!! Fans Are Not Happy, It Seems.

We all hate it when our favorite characters abruptly leave a popular show or film franchise. With the unfortunate death of Paul Walker, it lost a great actor and his character from the popular film franchise, Fast and Furious. It seems like the filmmakers have made it possible for the beloved character to make a comeback! How? Let’s see.

Paul Walker Coming Back Into The Franchise? But How?

Apparently, Paul Walker’s character Brian O’ Connor will make a return in the franchise six years after his death, according to media sources! Film insider Daniel Richtman teased the news on Twitter saying that a new casting has been done. He further said that the news is big and is surely controversial as well. After much suspense, in a follow-up tweet, he announced that they are bringing back Paul’s character Brian in Fast and Furious9.

How Are The Fans Reacting To The Announcement?

Surprisingly enough fans did not respond well to the announcement. According to the majority of these people, with the character coming back this will surely taint and sabotage the value of his final scenes. One fan said that the end of Furious7 was magical and this will surely taint it. While another fan wrote that it is unnecessary and disgraceful as well. After Paul’s untimely death, the film was completed with the help of CGI and Paul’s brothers.

Furthermore, other co-actors of the film has not yet talked or addresses this her announcement. Let us see how they react and how the filmmakers will respond to this social media outrage that is against the news of bringing a late actor’s character back into the franchise. As far as the fans are concerned, the return is not perceived well it seems. Let us wait till the film hits the theatres.