Patricia Anton murder: Eight detained for the dominican muder of the 63-year-old teacher.

According to a report, eight people were detained by Dominican Republic authorities in the killing of American teacher Patricia Ann Anton,63. It confirmed on Thursday that among those in custody is a Haitian maintenance worker of the apartment building that Anton had moved in just two days before she was found dead on Tuesday with her feet and arms tied.

Patricia Anton murder: Eight detained for the dominican muder of the 63-year-old teacher. 3

Patricia Anton’s body was found in her apartment in the northern resort town of Puerto Plata, where she worked as a teacher at Montessori School. Investigators say she died as part of burglary as her phone, laptop, plasma TV, and shoes were stolen from her house, and his cupboards were all in a hazardous condition. Her body was found tied to bed with a rag stuffed in her mouth.

Investigators said no signs of a break-in were found, suggesting Anton probably knew her killers. Authorities detained people for questioning, a Dominican tourism police spokesman said Thursday, but all were released due to a lack of connection to the incident.

“I certify that the investigation is on track and that all efforts are being made by the tourism police and the National Police Investigation Unit to clarify what has happened,” said Ramón Brito, a spokesman.

Anton, who was from Traverse City, Michigan, had been living for over 15 years in Puerto Plata, working as a teacher and consultant. The school staff described her as a mentor who could “light up a room upon entering and make everyone smile with her wonderful sense of humor.” One of the neighbors described her as a friendly and respectful lady.

Anton was born in Italy and spent “a large part of her life” traveling with her family before settling in Michigan to raise her own family. According to Anton’s biography on the school website, She studied at the University of Central Michigan and had more than 20 years of Montessori community experience. The school also said she worked at Michigan State Capital as a legislative assistant and volunteered in Guatemala City and the Dominican Republic, Matagorda.