Patrice Bosworth, an actor turned Journalist recently passes away in New York at the age of 86 due to the swath of Corona virus after developing its symptoms.

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Patricia Bosworth born on 24th April 1933 in California has died on the 2nd April, 2020 at the age of 86 after being struck with Coronavirus.

She was an actress, turned Journalist and an author too.

Career in acting

Soon after graduation,she became a member of  the Actors studio located in masters. Before that she used to even do modelling and was given the role of a pregnant teenage wanting to go through an abortion afterwards in her first play, called the ‘Blue Denim’ after which she kept on performing at various other platforms and became an established actress.

One of her favourite roles of all time was of Sister Simone.

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Career in journalism

In the mid 1960s, she willingly moved to journalism and had her interviews published in the New York magazine and New York times. She got a major boost after working with the editing team of Screen stars magazine also worked with the Magazine Management company with Mario Puzo who was with her during her helping drafting The Godfather.

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Inspiration for movies

Her written biographies have been shaped into movies as well. Taking the most famous example of the movie “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Dianne Airbus” that was written on Airbus,released in 2006.

Tragic end to a lifelong remembered personality

On the 2nd April, 2020, she met with her tragic end in New York at the hospital called Mount Sinai West hospital. She had pneumonia like symptoms which was doubted and tested true to be the symptoms of the novel Covid-19.

Has she written autobiographies?

Yes, Bosworth had written memoirs of her own in the 1998’s and 2017 so as to be remembered forever such as, ” Anything your little heart desires. An American family story” also, ” The men in my life. A memoir of Love and Art in 1950s Manhattan” in the order of release years.