Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune undergoes emergency surgery! But Vanna White is here to save the day!

Pat Sajak longtime host of Wheel of Fortune is hospitalized for a blocked intestine. The 73-year old underwent surgery for his medical condition. Though he is stable now.

Wheel of Fortune announced on its Twitter account that he is taking rest to recover from the surgery. In fact, he had emergency surgery. But he will recover and get back to work soon. The gameshow wishes fast recovery to the host, actor, writer. Meanwhile Co-host Vanna White has taken it upon herself to host the game show.  

The 62-year-old joined the host with the inception of the show. Since then they have hosted the show together.

Previously, White took once the mantel of lead host for one segment of the show, when Sajak had laryngitis in 1996.

Due to his emergency surgery, the show’s Thursday shoot had to cancel. Clearly, Sajak and White have hosted Wheel of Fortune since its launch in 1982. Sajak replaced Chuck Woolery took duties of the host from Chuck Woolery. 

Sajak has even made Guinness World Record for hosting a show for such a long time(38 years). He received the award for filming an episode on March 22, 2019. Previously, the record was held by Bob Parker for hosting Price is Right from 1972-2007.

The game show is one of the longest-running reality show. It completed 7000 episodes on 10th May 2019.

The 37th season will start airing on December 9 this year.

Earlier, Sajak shared that he has no concrete plans for retiring. He wants to exit the show as a host when it is still popular. And he also shared that he would retire from the game show of his own volition before someone asks him to leave.

Further, Sajak ensured that he would leave due to some illness or exhaustion but when he feels that it is time to leave.

Earlier in his life, he was a Disc Jockey for Armed Forces Radio in Vietnam. He has appeared in various movies and shows, one of them being 1983’s Days of our Lives.

Sajak and White renewed their contracts and will be connected to the show until 2022.

Just last week the legendary host appeared with his Co-host White while attending executive producer Harry Friedman’s Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We hope that he recovers well and takes on his hosting gradually.


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