Paris Hilton spoke about her role in The Simple Life in an interview; Attributed her success to family

Paris Hilton, better known for her T.V reality show Hollywood Love Story, talks about her experience of playing ‘spoiled airhead’ role for’ The Simple Life’. She portrayed this role for 5 successive seasons of the television show.

In a recent interview on YouTube show, ‘No Filter’, Hilton spoke about her role in The Simple Life. She tells how her character was essentially crafted by the producer of the show. However, Paris revealed that ‘spoiled airhead’ Persona is the opposite of the real Paris Hilton.


Later in an interview, she said that it’s all about her character in the simple life. She explained that this show was her first reality show. She quoted she was staying, going to Walmart. She admitted that she had no idea what the big box chain was.

Hilton says that The Simple Life was the first show, she had never been on TV before. However, she said, she had no idea about the role played by her. She didn’t expect that the show will run for five seasons. She played the same character in all five seasons.

Furthermore, she says that people assume she is the same as in the reality show. “But actually, I am totally opposite of that character”. The reality show, The Simple Life was ended in the year 2007 on the E!.

Paris Hilton is also a writer and businesswoman. She accepted that she has almost 25 fragrances, two hotels in the Philippines. Hilton has a vast product line such as sunglasses, jewellery, lingerie and shoes. At present, the total net worth of her conglomerate business is around $2 billion.

Hilton mentions that she feels proud of being a successful business owner. She gave all credit to her family who taught her strong business ethics and supports her.