Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin Premiere Date Revealed in its First Teaser Trailer

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin first teaser released

“Paranormal Activity” returns with a new film for its franchise. Earlier today, Paramount+ released a new teaser of the seventh segment of the found-footage horror franchise. The video reveals the new film’s title as well as the release date. Read on to know more!

A still from "Next of Kin" teaser
Credits: Paramount+

New Teaser

The new reboot of paranormal activity was teased only a few days ago for its arrival just in time for Halloween. At the same time, Paramount+ drops a 30-second teaser of the upcoming film. The video reveals the title of the new installment to be “Next of Kin”. Ever since the project got announced, the details of its production and plot have been kept very secretive.

Even the unexpectedly dropped teaser of Next of Kin had its description as ” this Halloween, the activity is reborn”, which doesn’t give us any tips about the film’s plot. However, the teaser did extend some allusions concerning the film’s plot. But there isn’t much we can decipher from the criminally short clip.

Nevertheless, the teaser did prove that the film will be nothing like the previous films of the Paranormal Activity franchise. The former six films of the franchise featured people experiencing some obscured incidents, who then tried to capture them on their cameras. But the new film’s teaser leaps between a seemingly colonial era and the present times.

The switching from olden times to the present happens throughout the 30-second video. At one point in the video, we get to see Emily Bader opening a door that reveals a deep tunnel. Maybe it is a tunnel to connect the present world to an entirely different colonialistic world where the evil entity lives! Further, we get to see the characters encounter some abnormal events.

 A still from "next of Kin" teaser
Credits: Paramount+

Release date

The new teaser also revealed the release date of the Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin. The film will stream on Paramount+ from this October 29.


While Christopher Landon (“Happy Death Day”) has written the script, William Eubank (“Underwater”) has directed the film. Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Henry Ayers-Brown, and Dan Lippert will star in Next of Kin.