“Pam & Tommy” on Hulu Reveals the Secrets of the Couple – Review

Three Episodes Pam & Tommy Premiered

The steamy eight-part drama, “Pam & Tommy” is the most-awaited series of the year. The story focuses on the couple’s erotic sex-tape through the lens of the horrible scandal and Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s marriage.

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Dive deep into the truth behind scene

The 3-episode premiere storyline unwrap the story behind how and why the honeymoon tape was stolen. Besides, the story follows the romance between ‘Baywatch’ famed Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee to the world’s first internet sex scandal.

The premiere only focused on Tommy Lee with just some hints of Pamela’s character. However, they depicted each and every corner of the character’s personality even the bad ones. Anyways, the plot follows up to a all round character development of Pamela Anderson as the misunderstood model and actress.

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“Drilling and Pounding,” the series’ first episode concentrated only on the hate relationship between Tommy and Rand. Later, it familiarize audience with the rivalry story where the villain is the main culprit. Similarly, in this show, Tommy’s humiliations and their feud provoked Rand to steal sex tape from the couple’s safe. In the end, the revenge turns the steamy crazy love story becomes a horrible sex scandal.

Excellent Cast and Crew

The “Pam & Tommy” series is the picturized version of Amanda Chicago Lewis’ article which closely observed the roles in and out. In 2014, the article was published in Rolling Stone. With ‘I, Tonya’ director Craig Gillespie behind the scene and Lily James, Sebastian Stan on the screen, the alternation unfolds the bitter truths through all round portrait of characters. Besides, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg tried to dive down the actual events surrounded around the unauthorized sex tape.

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‘Cinderella’ actress Lily James and ‘Captain America’ star Sebastian Stan are on front seat portraying the leads Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee respectively. In addition to this, Seth Rogen plays the third lead character of Rand Gauthier. The contractor whom Tommy Lee has mistreated for months.

Beside the leads, many iconic actors like Nick Offerman as Uncle Miltie, Taylor Schilling portrays Erica Gauthier, Pepi Sonuga plays the character of Melanie, Andrew Dice Clay as Butchie and many more gave their level best to put life in their characters.

“Pam & Tommy” release

“Pam and Tommy” will drop on Hulu at 12.01 am on February 2 in US. Moreover, one episode will release in platform every Wednesday. However, the first three episodes will launch simultaneously on February 2. Furthermore, UK audience can watch the first three episodes on Disney Plus from 8 am. Finally, the eight episodes “Pam and Tommy” mini-series will round off on 8 March 2022.