Pachinko Star Lee Min Ho Calls His Character “Villian Generated By Tragedy”

Lee Min Ho shares crucial detail

The new show of Apple TV+‘s “Pachinko” showing the story of an immigrant Korean family is running on the network and viewers are loving it. While the series stars Lee Min Ho in the series in the lead character. He recently spoke about his character in the Apple TV+ series that’s hard to miss. But what did he say?

Read ahead to know more about Pachinko’s Lee Minho talking about his character.

Lee Minho calls his character in Pachinko “A Villain Generated By Tragedy”

Apple TV+

Pachinko, the New York Bestselling novel is adapted for the Apple TV+ drama and showing a story viewers are in love with. A Korean immigrant family goes to survive away from their native place and deals with the struggles in their way. The story features a powerful character Hansu played by Lee Minho and he has recently opened up about it.

While in the drama Minho has also anchored an episode to narrate his character’s background and history. He spoke that his character is a “Villian generated by tragedy”. Talking about his previous characters that he played. He said that he has tried to play every character so that he says true to it.

Minho talked about working with Soo Hugh

Apple TV+

On being asked how it was different to work with Pachinko and its team. Minho talked about the showrunner Soo Hugh and how it was working with her. He said that though usually screenwriters don’t come to studio on Korea. But Minho recalled working with Soo Hugh as meaningful.

He said that he had a lot of conversation with her. That certainly made him to give the energy he got from her into his work. Meanwhile, the eighth episode of the Pachinko is coming up on 29th april. Not to forget the ratings for the series is going really good.

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