Ozark: Will the crime return with Season 3 this Year? Release Date by Netflix not Yet Revealed.

With the thrilling end of Ozark Season 2, all the fans out there, have been sitting on the edge of their seats to dive in deeper into the lives of Bryde and Langmore family. There is nothing to be worried about for the fans, as Jason Bateman has confirmed this himself: Ozark season 3 is underway in its making and will come out soon with ten dark and thrilling episodes filled with drama and mind exhilarating crime.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney will return to keep the Bryde family up and running. Madison Thompson is supposed to be added to the cast this year as Erin, Helen’s daughter. God can only know the situations Erin will be facing in the near future. The rumor has it that the famous actress playing Jessica Jones, Jessica Frances Dukes, is to star in the show as well.

Ozark Season 3, as confirmed by Jason Bateman (actor, producer, and director of few episodes), is suspected of unraveling on a boat, as was left at the end of season 2. Langmore is still waiting for justice, and he might get it in this season with the reveal of his murder plot. It can only be presumed that this season will not have any less bloodshed than its predecessor. New alliances might form, and previous ones might get destroyed. So get ready for the hell of a roller coaster ride.


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With the delay in filming of the new season, Ozark is expected to be released in mid-2020, though nothing has been confirmed. It is difficult to predict when the trailer will be released, but it can be fairly assumed that it will be out and about a month before the actual season is out.