Overwatch’s Ex-Lead Writer, Michael Chu apparently working on New Multiplayer Action title for 2K!!!

Michael Chu authoritatively left Blizzard Entertainment a year ago however he’s not allowing Overwatch to turn into the best work of his vocation. The previous lead-author of Blizzard’s hit group shooter keeps on doing what he specializes in, make computer games.

Overwatch’s Ex-Lead Writer is apparently working on a NEW Multiplayer Action title for 2K!!!

Another “multiplayer character-activity game” is obviously being developed for the new 2K Games studio 31st Union. 2K strides into the domain of esports with its efforts to make its own effective character group shooter.

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A bird looked at fan got on to 2K’s arrangements through a task posting at 31st Union. All the more explicitly, the Senior Software Engineer position depicts the studio’s impending undertaking as a “multiplatform character-activity game.” The descriptor essentially coordinates group saint shooters, for example, Overwatch or Paladins.

Michael Chu intermittently shares his feelings on the specialty of making computer games.

It’s obvious to see that he’s not finished with making computer games yet. He joined 31st Union in July 2020 and we presently know what’s not too far off for the new studio. The Chu had this to say about the game maker’s job in the business.

Overwatch’s Ex-Lead Writer is apparently working on a NEW Multiplayer Action title for 2K!!!

“Our central goal isn’t just to tell assorted, agent stories, however, to make frameworks that will empower us to really and precisely address underrepresented bunches from around the planet, and maybe above all, to encourage a comprehensive climate where these accounts are told by an expansive and different gathering of makers who talk with their own voices, from their own encounters.”

The studio made no authority declarations about the impending title however the cogwheels are a lot of turning now. It won’t be long until the 31st association and 2K Games formally declares the venture or drops it. The progressing worldwide pandemic without a doubt affected the advancement of the new title. By the by, it’ll be invigorating to see another Overwatch contender enter the esports scene.