Overlord Season 4: what is the plot of the fourth season going to be like? Check out all details we have on it.

Overlord is a Japanese light novel that is made into an entertainment series. Both readers, as well as viewers, can have a look at the version that they prefer and see for themselves what they like. The novel has 13 editions that were debuted in 2012 and published by Kadokawa Shoten. The TV version of the series has 4 seasons and the 4th one will be discussed in this article.


The first three series were streamed and watched by several viewers and fans who have enjoyed the plot of the series. The fourth installment of the series will be out soon as was declared by the officials of the series, those who created it. It was confirmed in Germany by the scriptwriter of the anime series which was about 2019 that this will be releasing soon. 

When can we expect the 4th season to be released?


The fourth season will be out in the spring this year, hoping for no delays due to the pandemic and the series to be continuing with the pace that it has been continuing all this while. The demand among the fans for the 4th season was due to the fame of the first three seasons. 

Who all can we see in the upcoming season?

The 4th season will be witnessing the two personalities named Albedo and Momonga. The former is a supervisor while the latter is an old-hand player. 


The upcoming season will be witnessing a great boom of fans and views by the people due to the plot and the framework of the series. The previous 3 seasons that have been released already are a proof to the fame that has been created by the series and the recent seasons that will be showing up will indeed carry forward the legacy that was set by the previous seasons.