Overload Season Four: Long Awaited Outbreak is Finally About to Come. Check Out All You Need To Know.

By 4 months ago

Great news for Anime lovers! Highly eminent Anime Overload is all set to hit the screen in spring 2020. The series has kept its fans long waited, overload season 3 was aired in summer 2018. Well, season four is being made under the german banner and was announced during AnimagiC (a german convention) in august 2019.

Past series has hosted three seasons, which had 13 episodes each. Season 1 was on air in July 2015. While two season was released after a long wait in 2018. We didn’t have any clue about the fourth season. But now we are affirmed about spring 2020.

What Does this Fantasy Series Holds?

Overload is an isekai(transported to another world) plot which is a type of fictional fantasy old story which is indeed carved charily. The protagonist is “Momonga” who plays Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game or MMORPG called Yggdrasil. After a long period of time, around 12 years the servers of the game are about to shut down. But our hero is eventually logged in which transports him to the dynamic world of Game, fighting the supervillain.

What Is Causing The Delay?

In latest season plot got more crispy, the characters have evolved to the next level of energy which is, in fact, thrilling to watch. The delay is expected due to the perplexing events of the book. The events in the books are not in a chronological manner and for the anime, the makers want that scenes in a chronological manner, so maybe that’s the reason that we have delayed show.


Season 4 is will hold more of Aniz Ooal who would soon realize that leadership is more than establishing the sorcerer kingdom and much more than proving strength in the battlefield. He will access all the resources for the kingdom making his quest more interesting to watch.