Overload Season 4: The Anime Series Might Be Out Soon. Check Out What Writer Of The Show Has To Say!

Overload is a Japanese light novel series. Kugane Maruyama, the writer decided to write 20 volumes out of which 13 volumes are published till now. Japanese culture is innovating by manga. The series is serialized on Kadokawa Shoten’s manga magazine Comp ace. Madhouse launched the series on television.

Things We Know About Series So Far

The series is received well by the audience. If, you are into insane plotline with the astonishing idea of thrill and adventure. Thinking to watch something out of the box your quest is over. The protagonist of the show plays lich called momonga in MMORPG. He is packed with the strongest guild in the game. But that was in late in past and thus he is the only member logged in when the server shut down. The twisty plot gathers from here. The lead is not logged out of the game but is instead telepathically transferred to a virtual fantasy world with nazarick. He starts exploring the virtual world and tries to find some connection to the real world.

Overload Season 4 is here. Picture: Anime

Yet More To Come: Major Twist In Plot Awaited

The show is based on the present 13 volumes of series. season 3 has procured up to 9 volumes till now. Now show is expected to cover 10-12. However, volume 12 is the first part of The Paladin Of The holy Kingdom Arc. If the story continues as in novel show viewers are going to stick to a major cliffhanger.

Series soon got well reception. In terms of the novel, there are about 7 million manga and light novels in circulation in the market. During AnimagiC 2019 creators of the show were guest of honour. Discussing the possibilities of fourth season Sugawara, the scriptwriter of the show told that it is “extremely likely that show may carry on.