Outlander season 5 on Netflix? Everything you need to know? Cast, Plot And [SPOILERS], EASTER eggs??

Starz’s epic action-adventure and romantic series based on time travel, Outlander, is going to get back on the televisions on February 16, 2020, Sunday. The best part is that the network has rolled out numerous contents to entertain us. Get the full details below. There’s so much for you to know.

The production work has already been finished late in November. Even the first look of season 5 has been shared with the fans. Caitriona Balfe revealed it by Entertainment Weekly. Moreover, Starz has also given a glimpse of the opening scene on December 15. It was enough to create a hype among the fans.

It starts with a little sweet and salty flashback. Then it shows that Jamie’s mother is dead. The young boy Jamie is alone, but then Uncle Mirtagh promises him he will always be there for him. Following this, Jamie helped Roger on Fraser’s Ridge. They even discussed how he and Bree moved into the cabin.

Outlander is going to get back with its season 5 on February 16, 2020. This news was confirmed a long time ago in August 2019 by Starz. And we have even got a beautiful trailer for this season. Do check it out if you haven’t yet. It’s worth watching.

The trailer starts with Claire questioning that have anyone ever felt that everything is pointing them towards a particular thing. Like space, time, and history. She is shown looking out of the window at the people gathering on Fraser’s Ridge. And then there’s a flashback ride to all the epic moments that happened in all the previous seasons.

And at last, it shows Jamie. He talks to himself and says that he is grateful for his life. The video gave us a brief idea about what all are the main revolution was on Jamie’s political allegiances was ahead of the Revolutionary War. And we even got to know about