Our lovely Russian Doll Season 2 ready to air on Netflix? The creators Leslie, Natasha, and Amy giving no hint!! Details inside..

Are you ready for another installment of Russian Doll by Netflix? Yes, it is looping back with its star cast of Natasha Lyonne as our video game programmer who is stuck in the time loop on her 36th birthday.

When will it be airing on Netflix ???

The producers and the directors were to announce its airing in the month of June previous year but still, there is no update as of when will the release Season 2 takes place.

Where can you find the Trailer of Russian Doll 2 ???

Until now there is no trailer released of the same but Netflix has been announcing the renewal of the show every now and then.

What are the faces that you will come across in this Season ???

As of now, not much is known about what Russian Doll 2 has in store for us but from how the previous season ended it can be assumed that the lead character of Nadia would be played by our Orange Is The New Black Star, Natasha Lyonne. Apart from her, her fellow mate who is a part of the time travel Alan would also have a role and this role would be played by Chicago Fire’s star Charlie Barnett. There are chances that one might not see Nadia’s friends and mom in this season.

What drama is going to take place in this Season ???

Honestly speaking, the creators Leslie, Natasha, and Amy are not spilling out the milk for what the plot of Russian Doll 2 is going to be like and also they have hinted about the third part of the series. So, one can expect that this season would also end up in suspense.

We can only hope for the best and expect it to be way more interesting then before!!