Our Kind Of People: Is Fox Giving Green Signal for Season 2 or Not? New Information Reveals the Fate of the Show

What are the possibilities of Season 2 of Our Kind of People being renewed, despite the fact that Season 1 ended on a high note?

Our Kind of People is a Fox television series that premiered on September 21, 2021, as part of the 2021–22 television season. Wendy Calhoun and Karin Gist produced the show, which is based on Lawrence Otis Graham’s 1999 novel of the same name. The novel is set in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, and follows Angela Vaughn, a single mother who is trying to reclaim her family’s identity. However, she soon learns a shocking truth about her own mother’s past, which will utterly turn her life upside down.

In September 2017, Wendy Calhoun proposed a dramatisation of Lawrence Otis Graham’s 1999 novel Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class, which was in production at Fox.

Before its September launch, the first season of Our Kind of People drew a lot of attention (and the removal of a slap from the first episode didn’t hurt), and it even drew in talents like Yaya DaCosta from Chicago Med and Morris Chestnut from The Resident for major roles. Despite this, the show received low ratings and there was no guarantee that a second season would be produced. Now that Season 1 has come to a close, it’s time to find out if Our Kind of People will be renewed for Season 2.

Our Kind of People

Showrunner and executive producer Karin Gist discussed the idea of a Season 2 before the Season 1 conclusion. She explained to TV Insider:

“This finale ties up what we’ve been waiting to learn for the past twelve episodes, but in the second half of the show, every single character is set up for what is likely to be an EXPLOSIVE second season.” If you thought the drama in Season 1 was intense, wait till you see the drama built up for a hypothetical Season 2.”

Are we in for a second season that is “explosive,” “breathless,” and/or “excited”? Please include me! If the show returns, having all of the characters from Our Kind of People ready for more conflict will be a great feat. Despite the fact that the programme has not been renewed for a second season as of the Season 1 finale air date, there are a few elements to consider while speculating about the future.

Our Kind of People

Our Kind of People would not be renewed after the initial twelve episodes ordered by Fox in November when they announced their midseason schedule. Our Kind of People Season 1 was supposed to end after a shorter run, according to Deadline, with Fox slated to decide on Season 2 in the spring, which is a promising sign for the show’s future.

The Story of Our Kind of People

The story follows Angela Vaughn, a single mother, as she seeks to restore her family’s surname in the fictional community of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Despite this, she discovers a horrifying secret about her own mother’s past that will radically upend her life!

Release Date for Season 2 of Our Kind of People

Lee Daniels has also joined the group as an executive producer. Following his success with Empire on Fox, the network has plenty of proof that he knows how to build a primetime hit with the potential to last for multiple seasons.

In fact, despite the fact that the season concluded on an episode that was not originally supposed to be the finale, Our Kind of People examines deep family dynamics in some very dramatic ways, similar to what Empire produced across six seasons (and a possible Cookie-centric spinoff).

Our Kind of People

Despite this, the show isn’t extremely popular with viewers, and its ratings aren’t exceptionally high as the season draws to a close. According to STVPlus, Our Kind of People now has a 0.3 rating and a 1.35 million audience in the key 18-49 demographic, which is the most popular.

While these aren’t the lowest primetime numbers, they aren’t enough to ensure that Fox will renew the show for a second season in the autumn.

For now, viewers may rest assured that creator Karin Gist has big plans for Season 2, and that the lack of an order for episodes beyond the first twelve isn’t a sign that Fox has lost interest in the show. And supporters can only hope that Fox makes a decision soon rather than later! Although the series is not officially terminated, the odds of a new season of this drama are slim.


No cast members have been confirmed as of yet because the season has not been cancelled or renewed. If the season is renewed, the same cast members will return in subsequent seasons. –

This drama’s cast includes the following actors:

The scripts for the television series Our Kind of People were written by Sidney Butler, Wendy Calhoun, Karin Gist, Lawrence Otis Graham, Kelly Edwards, Rebecca Boss, Bryan M. Holdman, Chris Masi, Norman Vance Jr., Lauren Goodman, Nambi E. Kelley, Antonia March, and Jacqueline McKinley. The series was created by Sidney Butler.

The film was directed by Tasha Smith, Benny Boom, Jeff Byrd, Jeffrey W. Byrd, Julie Dash, Princess Monique Filmz, Joe Morton, and Keesha Sharp, and starred Benny Boom.

Angela Vaughn is played by Yaya DaCosta.

Leah Franklin Dupont is played by Nadine Ellis.

Josephine is played by Raven Goodwin.

Taylor is played by Nicole Chanel Williams.

Olivia Sturgess Dupont is played by L. Scott Caldwell.

Quincy Dupont is played by Kyle Bary.

Teddy Franklin is played by Joe Morton.

Raymond Dupont is played by Morris Chestnut.

Tyrique Chapman is played by Lance Gross.

Rhyon Lauren Dupont is played by Nicole Brown.

Is Season 2 of Our Kind of People in the Works?

Our Kind of People

Our Kind of People has not yet been renewed for a second season. It appears that it will be renewed soon.

There’s a good likelihood that the second season of Our Kind of People will be announced soon. Perhaps Fox will announce the second season of Our Kind of People shortly. Fans of the sitcom Our Kind of People are eagerly anticipating the debut of the second season. Let’s see where this goes.

Our Kind of People was never renewed beyond the original twelve-episode order, according to Fox’s midseason schedule released in November. The lack of a backorder for further episodes in the second half of a TV season can be a poor sign for a freshman show’s survival, but Deadline disclosed in the autumn that Our Kind of People Season 1 was supposed to end after a brief run, with Fox expected to decide on Season 2 in spring 2022.

Rumor has it that FOX has been working on converting the novel into a show for several years. Graham’s book was published in 1999 after Graham spent six years investigating some of America’s most famous Black families. The network reportedly organised a writer’s room in 2017 to hammer out a script for Graham’s book. A fresh crew of writers was assembled in 2020, and FOX put the project to production without a pilot.

Obviously, some clumsiness is to be expected in a show’s initial few episodes, especially if it’s a soap attempting to squeeze in as much melodrama as possible. “Our Kind of People” outlines the Vaughns’ tumultuous past on the island, throws numerous parties and a fashion display, includes a secret group initiation, a sisterhood brunch, a threatening corporate takeover, as well as several family secrets, and only sends a woman overboard in the first episode.

Season 1 of Our Kind of People:

The first season of Our Kind of People had a mixed response from the audience. The audience is expected to respond well to the second season of the series Our Kind of People.

Angela Vaughn, a strong-willed single mother, sets out to restore her family’s reputation and make a difference with her breakthrough haircare product that promotes black women’s innate, natural beauty, is featured in “Our Kind of People.” However, she finally discovers a shocking fact about her own mother’s past that would turn her world upside down and forever disrupt this community. The show is a soapy, exciting examination of race and class in America, as well as an outspoken celebration of black perseverance and achievement.

The most off-the-beaten-path hamlet of Oak Bluffs, on the well-known Massachusetts island that has become a world-class holiday destination, is a place where Black members of the super-rich have lived and vacationed for decades. In the melodramatic, romanticised light of Our Kind of People, Oak Bluffs becomes a community where riches, relationships, and reputation are everything, and one woman wants to reclaim what is rightly hers.

Teddy and Leah bring tragic news to Angela in the most recent episode of the first season of the show Our Kind of People. Later, Piggy reveals past secrets to Angela, and Angela takes action to protect her as well as the future of Eve’s Crown.

After that, Angela is on the verge of getting all she desires while Raymond becomes hellbent in obtaining Jack’s Darmon shares away from Teddy as well as cover for Olivia with the police after Teddy confronts Leah.

Piggy Reveals the truth to Tyrique about his father. Teddy, on the other hand, issues an ultimatum to Angela while Raymond regains his confidence and attempts to make Leah an offer. Following that, Aunt Piggy is taken aback when a familiar face reappears. The Franklin and Dupont families are shocked by a death. Let’s see where this goes.

We anticipate that the story of the second season of Our Kind of People will pick up where the first season left off.

Is It Worth Watching Our Kind of People?

Despite audience’ average response to the show, the series does contain an intriguing plot. So you have to watch and decide for yourself, however, we think if the show does get a renewal then it might impresses the viewers with its forthcoming season.