Open Book: Jessica Simpson’s Popular Bestseller Memoir to cast Katelyn Tarver & John Stamos in Pilot

Katelyn Tarver and John Stamos booked to starr in Open Book

Katelyn Tarver and John Stamos have signed on to star in the upcoming pilot ‘Open Book’ inspired by Jessica Simpson’s memoir. The show is inspired by Jessica Simpson’s memoir of the same name and will follow the singer as she navigates her way through the music industry.

Katelyn Tarver | Open Book
Instagram | Katelyn Tarver

Simpson’s memoir tells the story of her life and career, and how she’s been able to overcome adversity. Tarver will play Simpson in the pilot, while Stamos will play her husband, Joe Simpson.

Katelyn Tarver and John Stamos | Open Book

The Pilot will be officially released on Amazon Freevee. For those who are wondering, Amazon Freevee is a premium free streaming service owned by Amazon.

Amazon has made great strides toward creating quality television shows based on books since they have already produced six pilots based on other New York Times best-sellers. Based on Simpson’s success, fans will likely tune into this new show since Katelyn Tarver stars in it as Jessica Simpson herself and Jessica can also be seen in several scenes throughout the pilot episode. As more celebrities release books based on their life experiences, we can only expect that Amazon will create more television shows inspired by these works.

The owner of the memoir has shared the news on her social media feed and story recently, declaring the confirmation of the project. With so much love and support from the mentioned actors and loved fans, it can be clearly said that this visualization of the written hit is considered to be on the much-waited list of the audience.

John Stamos | Open Book
Instagram | John Stamos

Open Book

When writing her memoir, Jessica Simpson chose the name ‘Open Book.’ This title captures how she wants her readers to perceive her as a thinker and an emotional confidant. She chose this name based on the fact that she wants her readers to see her as an open book with both positive and negative aspects.

The project is still in development and no further details have been released at this time. Meanwhile, we believe that the said show will do enough justice according to the book and the life presented by Jessica Simpson.