One Punch Man Season 3: After the failure of season 2, will the creators proceed with the show?

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One Punch Man Season 1 was just amazing. It was well-received by most viewers and received critical acclaim as well. Jaw-dropping action sequences, an underdog story and a hero so overpowering that nobody has seen before.

With season 1 exceeding all expectations and setting up an amazing premise for season 2, all we could do was wait. And when season 2 finally came out four years later after the first season, it left us filled with utter disappointment. After the disappointing second season, can we expect the third season? Let’s find out.

Will the anime return for Season 3?

With the popularity of the anime, its pretty much a question of when rather if, the anime will return for season 3. Even though season 2 was bad, it did have some good character build-ups. Characters like Garou and Sonic did have a strong development to their stories and we are expecting them to return for season 3.

One Punch Man Season 3 release date.

Although there’s no trailer yet, we are sure that there will be a season 3 with the official twitter handle of One Punch Man revealing that the show is not over yet, we are guessing that season 3 is already in works. Season 2 took four years to return, and the delay in the release was due to the changes in the animation studio as the show moved to J.C. Staff from Mad House productions.

Although the animation was a tad bit below par, we are expecting J.C Staff to continue with the anime production.  With a stable animation production house, we expecting the third season to release between 2020 and 2021. Some sources even claiming the third season could return as early as the fall of 2020.

One Punch Man Season 3 Plot.

Season’s 2 plot was disappointing with the anime not having a good story arc about Saitama, he’s loved and adored by all One Punch Man fans and not having a good storyline for the lead character is surely going to leave the fans disappointed. We will surely witness the return of a stronger Garou and Sonic. The plot of season 3 will also focus on how the Hero Association overcomes the Monster Association. We are hoping Saitama finds his love for fighting again and we get a character that matches Saitama’s strength.

We are already used of having One Punch Man withdrawals and we are hoping that season 3 returns soon and with a bang.

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