One of Marvel’s heroes just got a symbiote, and that is terrible news for Carnage!

If you are an Absolute Carnage comic fan, you have been following the latest installments of the dynamics between Eddie Brock and Venom symbiote and see how they seem have entered a bad phase. We first saw how Eddie and the symbiote were unable to speak due to the symbiote’s sentience being destroyed. Then the distance grew further with Eddie finding out that the alien had made him forget about his son. Then to make matters more complicated, the symbiote was ripped off from Eddie to craft a sword for the mastermind of the War of the Realms. Then the symbiote got its mind back and was reunited with Eddie only to end up in the current Absolute Carnage arc.
Moreover, to make things more serious, while Eddie and the symbiote’s relationship remains strained, for the first time in the history of Marvel, a symbiote merged with one of the Avengers. If you are caught up till now, keep reading. However, if you have not read till here, the following contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage #3.
Previously the symbiote has merged with many known Marvel characters, from X-Men, Deadpool, and Doctor Doom. Moreover, now its time for the Avengers. Now we know that Carnage is a villain who wants to tear out the spine of all who have ever been a host of a symbiote and eat it. The spines of these people contain pieces of the symbiotes merged with the people known as codices, and once Carnage feeds on enough thorns, he will be able to awaken Knull, who is the imprisoned god-tyrant of the symbiotes. On the opposite side, Eddie has been successful in developing a method of removing the codices from the spines of the former symbiote hosts, with help from the Maker.
With the Avengers coming in, the already strained relationship between Eddie and his symbiote increases on how to deal with the situation. The Venom symbiote feels responsible for the Carnage and feels justified to use deadly force to shut down Carnage’s army. Eddie, however, is reluctant to kill innocents and is worried about his newly rediscovered son Dylan. Moreover, all these differences and increasing differences lead Venom symbiote to leave Eddie at the end of Absolute Carnage #3 for a stronger person, none other than Bruce Banner.
With such a cliff hanger ending, we can only imagine what the next installment will hold with Hulk and his first symbiote. It will be violent and exciting for sure.