OMG! Victoria Fuller- ‘Bachelor’ Front-runner Exposed As A Serial Cheater and Homewrecker !!!

Hannah Brown, the controversial Bachelorette had some ups and downs in her season. Out of her four finalists, two were revealed to be lying their way into the show. The men weren’t exactly single when they auditioned for the show and didn’t conveniently inform it to the producers. 

And now one of her leading men has to face a similar crisis on his own. Peter Webbed, the Bachelor for the new season of the show was previously a contestant at Hannah’s stint as Bachelorette. The two hit it off and Peter became a fan favorite. Hannah ultimately chose another guy but people didn’t forget about Peter. 

The love for him was so great among the show’s audience that he became the next headliner of the Bachelor series. Unfortunately, filming for the show has experienced some strange hiccups already. Firstly, Peter suffered from a crash where he cut his face on some wine glasses and had to get surgery. And then, another allegation about one of his final contestants are coming to light. 

Victoria Fuller, a contestant for Peter’s heart in the Bachelor has some serious allegations coming her way. Reality Steve spilled all the tea on this particular lady. The spoiler maestro recently got a bunch of negative stories regarding Fuller in his email. He says in all his years of covering the show, this one person has gotten the most hate. 

And if you look at the allegations, it’s no wonder why. According to the reports, Victoria is a homewrecker. Not one or two but many more have complained about her having affairs with married men which ultimately breaks up the marriage. On top of this, the poor women whose husbands she hooked up with were all her friends. 

And Steve has done his research well. He said he has personally contacted some of the women and they have confirmed the rumor. What is more – even the show now seems to have caught up with the allegations. The women informed Steve that the show has been in touch with them regarding the issue. Hmm, guess we won’t be seeing Victoria much longer. And good riddance it is!