OMG!!! Katharine Ryan’s boyfriend saves Netflix Scripts from getting Robbed by a Masked Burglar!!!

Katherine Ryan and her boyfriend fought off a masked burglar that broke into Ryan’s London home. She informed about the attempted burglary through an Instagram story that showed police in the background. She jokingly captioned, “Cool to be robbed tonight by a masked man in our home”.

The stand-up comedian, well known for shows and appearances on panel shows like 8 Out of 10 Cats, revealed that the burglar, along with the other stuff like a ring and a pair of earrings, almost stole a laptop that contained scripts of her new Netflix show.

In another Instagram story, Ryan shared how her boyfriend Bobby K saved the laptop from being stolen. She wrote that Bobby got into a fight with the burglar and wrestled back the laptop which contained all the scripts for her new Netflix series, which is going to be a sitcom following a single mother.

Ryan then revealed that the stolen stuff was haunting her. Her stolen ring was not letting her sleep. In the hope to find it if somebody notices it in a pawn shop or so, she shared its picture on Twitter. In the caption, she asked if there was any way to circulate the stolen foreshadowing ring around pawn shops.

In an Instagram story, she also posted a picture of a studded earring which also got stolen. She captioned the story, “He (burglar) did get these as well which isn’t a big deal as it’s all just STUFF but might help catch him through pawn shop CCTV or whatever.”

OMG!!! Katharine Ryan's boyfriend saves Netflix Scripts from getting Robbed by a Masked Burglar!!! 3

Ryan is one of the successful stand-up comedians, her stand-up specials, include Glitter Room and Trouble. Fans can view them on Netflix. Her new sitcom, The Duchess will also feature on Netflix in the coming few years.