Ohhh!! GiGi Hadid and Tyler Cameron, Aren’t they just Friends? Or They have Gone Separate Ways?

‘I am single!” Claimed the Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron when asked about his relationship status on the show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Gigi and Tyler dating rumors have been making rounds on social media for some time. Many have seen them cozily enjoying each other’s company. They both were linked in late July when astute social media users noticed the two followed each other on Instagram. They both have been uptight about their relationship. Neither the supermodel or the Bachelorette star confirmed anything other than” Just being friends.” He cleared many doubts by conveying that we are just good friends who hung out together. During a recent interview, he accidentally accepted that he and Gigi had gone separate ways.

Tyler has all the praises for GiGi, especially for her work and dedication. As per sources, the couple is trying to keep their relationship private and away from nosey onlookers. Comparing and diagnosing every aspect of their relationship is the last thing they want to damage their cute story. So no wonder Tyler may be trying to divert the attention by claiming such things. To clear the media speculations, some tried reaching GiGi to confirm their break up news but returned empty-handed.

GiGi was earlier dating Zayn Malik, and after their break up she is not looking for anything serious in life. Tyler and Hadid are both trying to focus on their careers.

The media is buzzing with so many doubts. Was Tyler seeing flirting with many girls? Had he been dating Hadid, things would have been different? Or it’s just something to create distraction hiding valuable relationships away from all prying eyes? Maybe they need more time to know each other?

Whatever the outcome of this sweet love relationship, many would like to see them together.