NOSTALGIA! ‘Boy Meets World’ cast reunites

‘Boy Meets World’ cast reunion at Fan Expo Boston.

People’s favorites Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Eric, and Mr. Feeny came together over the weekend for a fan meet at Boston Fan Expo. The iconic characters from the popular American sitcom ‘Boy Meets World’ made a place in the heart of the audience through the course of 7 years when the show aired from 1993-2000. The cast joined in together for a question & answer session at the event along with some cool pictures.

Before the fan-meet in Boston, our Mr. Feeny aka William Daniels and Topanga aka Danielle Fishel had tweeted about their arrival at the event for all the fans.


The cast had reunited early this year in March at Emerald city Comic-con in Seattle. Eric aka Will treated fans with some of the cast pictures from the Boston event. A goofy picture of the John Adams High School 4 notorious kids with their mentor was posted by Will on his Instagram page captioning We’re baaaaaack!”, and another was of our middle-school kiddos fighting for the chair, captioned “Lesson learned: Never try to take Danielle‘s chair.



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Lesson learned: Never try to take Danielle‘s chair.

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Danielle too shared the same pictures, but with emoticons affixed on everyone’s face.



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Don’t @ me

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The sitcom created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly for ABC was every day chronicles and life-lessons of Cory Matthews played by Ben Savage from the time we were introduced to a little middle-school boy to a college-going adult. The show navigated through various social issues faced by Cory and his friends as they moved from their teenage to adult life.

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The relatable storyline and phenomenal performances of the ensemble earned so much appreciation for the show that people associated with it even after 2 decades, it is still fondly remembered by everyone. The popularity of the show was such that 12 years later, a spin-off series was created titled ‘Girl Meets World’ for Disney Channel that ran for 3 seasons.