North West Roasts Kardashians: Fans Shocked at 10-Year-Old’s Iconic Roasting Skills on Hulu Show

The Kardashians fans react to 10-year-old roasting adults on Hulu show

The Kardashians fans react to 10-year-old roasting adults on Hulu show

North West, the 10-year-old sensation from The Kardashians, has recently taken the internet by storm with her hilarious roasting of adults in the latest season of the hit reality show. Fans of the series were left in stitches as North fearlessly voiced her opinions and critiques during the MET gala episode. Let’s delve into the reactions and excitement generated by this young icon:

The MET Gala: A Perfect Stage for North West

The highly anticipated MET gala showcased the glitz and glamour of the Kardashian clan, but it was North West who managed to steal the spotlight with her unfiltered commentary. As the youngest star of the show, she fearlessly criticized her famous family members’ outfits and gave a glimpse of her witty personality.

North’s Hilarious Critiques

During the episode, North did not hold back as she hilariously called out her mother, Kim Kardashian, for her outfit, suggesting it looked as if it came from a dollar store. This playful banter between mother and daughter provided a delightful and relatable moment for viewers.

Sibling Rivalry: North’s Insider Knowledge

Not only did North roast her famous mom, but she also revealed some backstage secrets between her aunt Kendall Jenner and Kim. With surprising insight, North disclosed that Kim secretly disliked Kendall’s look, while pretending to adore it throughout the evening. This candid revelation sparked intrigue and discussion among fans.

North’s Unapologetic Honesty

North West’s straightforward nature extended beyond her family as she humorously reminded comedian Pete Davidson that he was attending the MET gala, not just visiting a gas station. Her quick wit and fearlessness in the face of fame left viewers in awe, further solidifying her status as an icon at such a young age.

Fans Embrace North as an Icon

Social media erupted with praise for North West following her comical roasting of the adults. Many users on platforms like Twitter expressed their admiration and excitement for the day she can fully unleash her wit on social media as a teenager. One user, @jode_b, even dubbed North an icon, reflecting the influence she holds, despite her tender age.

The Power of Authenticity

North West’s ability to be genuinely herself on camera is refreshing and inspiring. In a world often dominated by curated and carefully crafted personas, North’s unabashed honesty resonates with viewers. The authenticity she brings to The Kardashians show is one of the key factors contributing to her skyrocketing popularity.


North West’s charismatic personality and fearless comments have captivated The Kardashians fans globally. With her comedic timing and ability to keep the adults on their toes, North has cemented her place as an icon in the making. As she grows up in the public eye, it will undoubtedly be a joy to witness her further develop as both a reality TV star and a cultural phenomenon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How old is North West?

North West is currently 10 years old.

2. When did North West become famous?

North West gained fame from an early age due to her prominent Kardashian family background.

3. What made North West’s critiques so popular?

North West’s critiques became popular due to her witty and humorous comments, showcasing her unique personality and fearlessness.

4. Will North West continue to be a part of The Kardashians show?

As of now, North West continues to make appearances on The Kardashians show, delighting fans with her candidness.

5. How do fans react to North West’s roasting?

Fans overwhelmingly embrace North West’s roasting, considering her remarks both entertaining and endearing.