Normal People Star Paul Mescal Spills Some Interesting Beans About The Sex Scenes In BBC Series, Normal People!


Normal People Star Paul Mescal recently spilled some interesting beans about all the sex scenes and how the whole team aced those difficult shots with such ease in the popular BBC series.

Normal People Star Paul Mescal Talks About The Series And The Sex Scenes!

The bold content of the series has already created quite a stir amongst viewers while some even backwashed the series. However, the series managed to received positive response along with four Emmy nominations as well! The actors have done quite an impressive job to portray an important aspect of young love.


When asked about these scenes in a recent exclusive interview, the series star confessed that while it is difficult to watch but it sure is rewarding enough to be involved in something that he is proud of and that the world gets to see it’s not something to be ashamed of. If you haven’t already seen the series yet, here’s a little sneak peek for you all given right here. Paul Mescal shines bright in his role as Connell.

Paul Mescal Opens Up About His Role And The Whole Sex Scene Awkwardness!

Paul Mescal also praised the entire cast and crew members saying that he and co-star Daisy  Edgar Jones felt safe because they were surrounded by an amazing crew and an amazing set of directors on this.

Moreover, the series also hired an intimacy coordinator who was amazing as said by Mescal  and thus, the final scenes came out looking really true and organic. Paul Méscal confessed that the hard work was all worth it as gave the am an opportunity to make something that felt like two young people in a really healthy relationship.