No phones, selfies and dedications allowed at Elton John’s book signing? But why?

Sir Elton Hercules John CBE better known as Elton John is a renowned musician. He began singing, playing piano and writing songs from early 1967.

Singer and Songwriter: Sir Elton Hercules John

The singer has decided to retire from his career after his farewell world tour named Yellow Brick Road tour. The tour began in late 2018 and will get extended up to 2021. The singer is also known for his hatred for mobile phones.

The fourth-best-selling music artist has divided his followers after prohibiting clicking pictures at his forthcoming guide singing. This singing guide is going to happen in London. Elton will promote his autobiography Me: Elton John in a musical way.

He is going to host a small guide singing in his entire week’s whirlwind journey to London, UK. The price of the tickets is set to be quite affordable for his fans at £28 per ticket. This ticket comprises a series of strict rules and guidelines.

The guidelines point out to strictly ban the use of mobile phones, more specifically pointing out to no pictures or selfies. According to the 71-year-old singer, mobile phones take away his privacy. He does not like being clicked every time he performs or goes outside.

Elton mentioned on website Waterstones’, he said that he will not be dedicating copies and sign his book if these instructions are not followed. No cameras and phones are allowed near the music icon.

The T&C mentioned in the tickets include the deposits of cameras and mobiles at the bag drop spot outside the hall. No videos or pictures are allowed to be clicked. These instructions and rules have led the fans divided into two groups.

One group of fans is highly supporting the idea wheres the other half are criticizing it. Some fans tweeted that it is a very lame decision and there’s no use of coming to the book signing event if they can not click pictures as memories.