No Game No Life Season 2 : Updates- The game isn’t over yet!

No Game No lie is an anime series that is on Netflix. The Season 2 updates of this series are highly anticipated. This series No game No lie is based on the light novel series by author Yuu Kamiya and his co-writing in Clockwork Planet.


In this series, a group of human gamers tries to beat the God of games at a board game series so as to take over the god’s throne. In addition, the first season contains 12 episodes and was produced by Madhouse. Sora and Shiro are the two step-siblings who play on the online gaming field. They call themselves Blank, the undefeated gamers. The season 2 updates haven’t been announced.

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Season 2 Release Date:  The movie No Game No Life: Zero serves as a prequel to the first season. This movie was released on July 15, 2017. Not to mention, all the fans are dying to know if the five-year wait is over.

Although this may be true, the season 2 is not said to release until the next year or air later.

Season 2 Plot Outline:

The second season will have Sora and Shiro make plans for a beach vacation in Werebeasts’ Eastern Union. Izuna Hatsuse is a constant companion to Team Blank after the alliance between humans and Werebeasts.

No Game No Life Season 2 will probably end with Volume 7 or season 8 so that the story arc is completed by relating to Horou’s game.

Other Updates:

The series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu Originals. The movie No Game No Life: Zero is available on Amazon Prime and Hulu Originals. However, the confirmation has not yet been announced. Fans expect the wait to end by the beginning of the year 2021.