No birthday post by Taylor Swift on Joe Alwyn’s birthday? Is Taylor’s popularity affecting their relationship? What is happening?

Taylor Swift commended her beau’s birthday, Joe Alwyn, in an extravagant London café, with her dear companion Ed Sheeran close behind, and the couple left under mammoth umbrellas to get away from the paparazzi’s cameras.

Taylor Swift is demonstrating she truly is one of London’s own, venturing out for her beau, on-screen character Joe Alwyn’s 29th birthday celebration party in a swanky spot in Soho, getting an uncommon look at Ed Sheeran in the process as he likewise ventured out to celebrate with his great buddy.

She famously tries to hide from all the lurking paparazzi, sometimes also going to very extreme lengths like when she put up an entire makeshift sheeted walkway while serving as a bridesmaid in 2017. Some of the fans that had gathered outside even booed the cloaked gesture from her.

Making a beeline for café Bob Ricard, known for having a ‘press for champagne’ button in the core of the West End, Taylor allegedly joined Joe’s companions, who she’s broadly said she prefers hanging out inside her melody ‘London Boy’, where she additionally flaunts hanging out in Brixton, Highbury and as she did the previous evening, the West End.

Ed Sheeran ventured out without spouse Cherry Seaborn and was captured laughing as he got into a vehicle after Taylor and Joe left with monster umbrellas covering them as they snuck into their vehicle as picture takers swarmed them.

The pair have been having a ball around the Capital as of late, turning up unannounced at the NME grants in Brixton, where Tay got Best Solo Act in the World for the subsequent time and go through the night sitting at a table in the raucous group with Joe.