Nineteen Year Old Daughter brutally Killed Her Father And Then Chopped His Body Into Several Pieces!!

This incident is both horrifying and shocking at the same time. Nineteen years old girl along with her boyfriend has killed her father and then chopped off his body into pieces. This horrifying incident took place in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

An Adoptive Daughter Killed And Chopped Her Father’s Body Off!

The incident came into the limelight after the investigation took place on 30th November after police found the suitcase in the river with a leg, hand and mutilated private part inside. Along with the mutilated pieces, a sweater was also found inside the suitcase which was used to cover the body parts. The police then went to the shop where the sweater was stitched.

Along with all these, there was a receipt that was in the name of Bennett Rebello. After the police searched a person with the same name wearing the same sweater as well. After investigation, it was revealed that this man had an adoptive daughter. The man was also now seen n the area for ten days.

A Shocking Case With Many Twists And Turns! The Revations Will Shock You!

After these details in hand, the police traced the two culprits and after interrogation, it was revealed that the incident took place on 27th November. The two first stabbed the victim with a knife and sprayed a mosquito killer over him. The two then chopped his body parts and stuffed them in bags and a suitcase. The culprit then threw the suitcase into the river. After these details it was really shocking for the police authorities as well.

When the police asked these daughter why she committed such a heinous crime that also against her father, she said that he used to sexually assault her and used to oppose her relationship as well. This case is a real eye opener.