Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and other celebrities are coming together to raise funds to support Australia bushfires victims

With wildfires overwhelming Australia, stars are taking force by contributing money to back up fire relief and uplifting their admirers on social media to do the same.

Over the weekend, singer Pink and diva Nicole Kidman  forward with her husband, country vocalist Keith Urban , each guaranteed on Instagram that they are contributing $500,000 to the Rural Fire Services in Australia.

“I am completely wrecked watching what is proceeding in Australia right now with the dreadful bushfires,” Pink draft in an Instagram post with an image of a detail of local fire services in Australia. “I am pledging a charity of $500,000 straightly to the local fire services that are feuding so hard on the frontlines. My heart flee out to our friends and family in Oz.”

For Kidman,who was innate to Australian parents and grips dual citizenship with her husband, the flames have blow close to hut

Stars who have a network with Australia, or have cruised there, shared with their disciples the grace of the country and the wildlife that resides it.

“For whatever approach you would drop on your next cup of coffee, alike a dollar would help — it’s so required right now,” she continued. “Let’s give planned generations the cordial of childhood I was so lucky to have.”

Others have behaved by placing a spotlight on how the wildfires are a emerge of climate alter.

Since the wildfires initiate in September, more than 12.35 million acres of land have charred and more than 1,630 homes. The flames have also asserted at least 24 lives.

University of Sydney ecologists have predicted that around 480 million animals have lost their lives in the incident.