Nicki Minaj tags Wendy Williams “demonic” after she slammed Nicki’s husband in her talk show!!!

Nicki Minaj backfired a reaction in her recent Friday episode of the queen radio show, to what the famous talk show host Wendy Williams slandered upon Nicki’s husband Kenneth Petty. Nicki tagged Wendy as “demonic” for raking up her husband’s old wounds which don’t make any sense digging up in the present.

The famous Trinidadian-born rapper’s husband Petty was convicted of manslaughter in 2006 and charged an attempt to rape in 1995 after which he was put behind the bars for ten years. After the two have been dating for a year and had officially tied the knot, their relationship had been a controversial talk ever since then.

During ‘The Wendy Williams’ talk show on October 22, the host while talking to Nicki Minaj brought up the topic of her husband’s past pointing out his crimes and calling him out a killer and a sex offender. Nicki responded to the host’s disrespectful behavior towards her husband Petty.

The singer bursts out saying “when you announce my husband’s name, it’s no need to mention his past.” During the show she explains her reasons behind calling Wendy a demonic, that some people enjoy laughing at others’ sadness, some people report the news with good intentions while some have evil intentions in their hearts to hurt an already shattered person. She added that in our society, one needs to be plagued by their past and that people around can’t turn over a new leaf in a heap of dried leaves.

Minaj completely assumes that Wendy’s critical nature emerges from her complication filled relationship. Thus, a woman cannot spread the love if she’s deprived of the same love at her own home. She also says that we’re humans before we’re celebrities so one should lessen their viciousness and stop trying to play dumb.

As per the old reports, the talk show host Wendy has filed divorce against her husband Kevin Hunter in April this year. Happily married for 20 years and a father of 19 years old son was alleged by Wendy to cheat on her as he fathered another child with his mistress Sharina Hudson.

This is not the first time Nicki’s been defending her husband against those who offend her relationship with Petty. She says she’d be praying for such people during times they suffer such great sickness and pain in the future.