Nicki Minaj Backlashes Jesy Nelson Critics Amidst the Blackfishing Ongoing Drama

Everything started from Jesy’s new single 

Last Friday when Jesy released her music video for her new single Boyz. Her fans loved it and she also received love globally. However, many critics of Jesy began accusing her of blackfishing. It is a very offensive term that refers to a person who intentionally changes their looks to appear black or certainly racially equivocal. 

Although Jesy is a strong woman when things started crossing limits, she raised her voice. In her clarification, Jesy said that she denied the allegation. Moreover, she also said that she loves black culture. Nicki Minaj also mentioned the DMs she received from Leigh-Anne’s IG account.

However, Jesy clarified things when she and Nicki Minaj sat for Instagram live on Monday night. Below is what they did on the IG live and how successful it went. 

What did Nicki Minaj and Jesy discuss in their IG live?

Addressing Leigh-Anne’s messages, Nicki said that when people can’t get along with you they start stopping you. Nicki said that if she was working with someone for 10 years and if you part ways because they were horrible, they immediately become a clown. It’s like they wear a big red clown nose and clown boots and interfere with your business, said, Nicki. It was visible that Nicki was referring to Little Mix. Jesy had earlier explained that she worked with the girl group for almost a decade. 

Jesy and Nicki's live
Credit: Instagram | Nicki/ Jesy

What did Nicki say to Jesy’s critics?

Nicki used very harsh words for the Jesy criticizers. She said that her criticizers will not get any place to go because their heart is not at right place. She also said that many girls in the USA get different stuff done to their body like getting tan or getting bigger lips. Nicki also compared things to herself and said that until and unless you are not hurting anyone or speaking negatively about someone’s race, you should be allowed to wear whatever you want.