Nicki Minaj apologizes to all her Barbz as they felt her retirement was very “abrupt”!

In a shocking announcement, Nicki Minaj on Thursday announced that she has decided to retire from music. The 36-year-old took to Twitter to make this announcement. Barbz, Nicki Minaj’s fan group is highly disappointed with this decision of hers and called this as “abrupt.”

Nicki Minaj was quick to apologize to all her Barbz after seeing their reaction. Minaj said that she will explain and reveal details of her retirement with everybody soon.

In the tweet where she announces her retirement, she said that she wants to focus and start her household with her maybe-husband, Kenneth Petty. The 41-year-old Kenneth and Nicki Minaj are yet to tie a knot, though they had applied for a wedding license in August 2019.

The couple has been together with each other since December 2018. Both of them had known each other since their teenage. Despite not being married, Nicki Minaj has renamed her Twitter handle to “Mrs. Petty”. The singer always refers to Kenneth Petty as her husband.

A source close to Minaj said that “Nicki spoke too soon on a full retirement because she loves doing music way too much to retire. Nicki wants to be a mom, wants to get married, and wants that life, but she also wants the life of rap star that she worked so hard for.”

The source also added that the rapper is not fully retiring. She will come back to music and her fans. She is just taking a break. So, her fans can expect that there will be no music from her side as of now but she will be back with it soon.