Nick Viall’s Flirty Comment On Hannah Ann Sluss’ New Instagram Post. Is something Brewing up Between the Two? Let’s Find Out.

What seems to be cooking between the two?

Sad news for Mike Johnson, who has appeared on Season 15 of The Bachelorette and is known for being one of the thirstiest members yet, as he has a penchant for commenting on Instagram posts. That’s because the star of The Bachelor season 21 Nick Viall is making his presence known by recently commenting on Hannah Ann Sluss’ new post of her wearing a bikini, which might just be his plan in shooting his shot, and see where that gets him. But is this the right thing to do, as Suss is rumoured to be dating Mason Rudolph.

Viall’s Escapades

Before Viall commented on Sluss’ post, he had posted a pic in March of him and a fellow contestant of Sluss’ from season 24, Kelley Flanagan during Chris Harrison’s Tropical Rosé launch party. At that time Sluss was sort of rooting for Viall and Flanagan but she got together with Peter Weber.

Before Season 24’s finale aired, Viall had an interview with Elite Daily where he spoke about Pilot Pete and his two front runners, and he had nothing but praise for Sluss. He said he finds her cool and that there’s a lot more to her than what everyone gets to see.

We cannot simply state that the two are becoming a thing. It could simply be harmless flirtation. But when you check it from a man’s perspective, it does look like Viall is trying to shoot his shot. And so far Sluss has been keeping up with whatever he says. And nobody knows if she’s dating Rudolph for real. But since it’s the stars from The Bachelor, we should always expect the unexpected.