Nick Cordero is still battling with coronavirus even after 90 days! Check for all details.

Broadway actor Nick Cordero is as yet battling for his life in the wake of being diagnosed with COVID-19. Cordero has spent a quarter of a year in the hospital, and his better half, Amanda Kloots, says he’s still fundamentally sick, despite the fact that he is currently COVID-negative and no longer in a coma.

Scratch Cordero would almost certainly require a double lung transplant to recuperate the harm he’s experienced intricacies of Covid-19.


Broadway star Nick Cordero’s fight with coronavirus has been continuing for 90 days yet the battle is as yet not finished. Amanda Kloots has been refreshing the fans of his wellbeing normally since the time he got admitted to hospital.

Amanda took to Instagram on Wednesday to share that Nick has been in the medical clinic for 90 days at this point.


She said Cordero is still “extremely weak” in the wake of being in the emergency unit the medical clinic for a quarter of a year.

She visits him in the emergency clinic consistently, she told King, calling it “vicious circle or the ICU dance because you just feel like you’re in this momentum of going around, around, around like a hamster wheel.”

Be that as it may, even now, Kloots said she is attempting to stay positive.

It’s difficult to see how troublesome it must be for Amanda to watch her better half experience to such an extent.

She had posted an emotional photo of her holding hand of Nick in the ICU.


“When he gets out of the hospital because he is getting out of this hospital, he would go to a rehab center and probably be at a rehab center for a year before even coming home. They say for every week in the ICU is a month in rehab,” she said.