Niall Horan’s Spilt From Hailee Steinfeld Inspired His Favorite Song He’s Ever Written As Well His As New Album

Niall Horan has done quite well for himself after the One Direction breakup. Back in 2017, he released a solo album Flicker in 2017. The album contained the hit song Slow Hands and showed the potential of the ex-band member. And now the singer is back with another album. He recently teased fans with a single off his new work. Called, “Put a little Love On Me,” the song is soft and sorrowful. The lyrics talk about the feeling being so in love and the lows about the breakup.


Niall Horan talked to The Sun about the single in an interview. He said that this might potentially be his favorite song he’s ever written. Citing his inspiration, Niall talks about going through a breakup and the intense feelings of the heartbreak. So, the lyrics came naturally to him when he started penning his thoughts.

And if rumor mills are correct, the person inspiring the breakup ballad is none other than Hailee Steinfeld. The Pitch Perfect star and Niall started dating in 2018 and broke up around 10 months later in December. This is around the same time that the former One Direction member said he wrote the song.

But what was the reason for the breakup? It turns out it’s the same story – busy schedules. Both the stars just couldn’t find the time to make their relationship work. And this spilled inspired not only ‘Put a little love on me’ but the whole album.

However, in spite of the sad ballads, Niall has said the album is all over a ‘fun’ one. Some of this lighter element can be seen in his other single ‘Nice To Meet Ya.’ He is working with producer Greg Kurstin on his album, the same man who famously worked on Adele’s ‘Hello.’ It is slated for an early 2020 release.