NFL Player Patrick Mahomes Suffering From Serious Knee Injury In Between Games! Team and fans worried!!

One of our most prized NFL players is injured, and it is indeed a and news for sports enthusiasts! Let us see who is this injured player.

What exactly happened to the player?

Apparently, Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes has sustained a serious knee injury while surging for a first down in the second quarter of the Chiefs’ game on Thursday night at Denver. Furthermore, the knee injury comes as Mahomes, 24, has been struggling a left ankle injury, which he sustained in the season opener and aggravated in Sunday’s loss to the Houston Texans.

How Is The Team Reacting In This Scenario?

After being tended by the trainers, he limped off the filed and was, unfortunately, was ruled out of the game. Patrick is one of the most prized players in the team. He has not only taken over as the Chiefs’ starter but has also successfully completed throwing for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns. Talk about brilliance! The trainers and authorities are hoping for his full recovery and come back to create more records and lead the game. Moreover, Mahomes rolled his ankle during the Chiefs’ opening victory in Jacksonville, then to make matters worse, he did hurt it again in each of the last two games.

He has completed six games with great sportsmanship and was so successful that he partly obscured his ankle problems. The game survived the game on Thursday night, but people are still skeptical about the other games without the star player who is seriously injured at this time. We hope the team does not have to continue without him for long. We hope the star player soon recovers and comes with all the energy for the team.

The team is also worried about the upcoming games and is worried that they will be not as intimidating as before without the star player. Let’s wish Patrick a speedy recovery and a wonderful comeback.