NFL Player Kareem Abdul Jabbar Called Out Some Celebs For Supporting Anti- Semitic Comments! Check it out.

Now that the whole world is going through the crisis created by the global pandemic attack and on top of that several political unrests have made things all the more complicated. Recently, a known sports celebrity has addressed these ongoing political issues.

NBA Player Kareem Abdul Jabbar Opens Up About The Anti- Semitic Comments On Social Media.

Legendary NBA player Kareem Abdul Jabbar recently opened up about the Anti- Semitism in sports and Hollywood in general. He also further opened up about the comments made by Ice Cube and said that the comment perpetuates racism. The NBA player has also talked about the death of George Floyd and the protest that follows.

What he tried to spread through his beliefs is that the lack of response towards today’s discriminatory mindset is more shocking! These comments are acting as a black omen to the ongoing Black Lives movement. Abdul Jabbar went on to mention NFL star DeSean Jackson’s several anti-Semitic messages that seemed politically troubling enough.

He Called Out A Retired NBA Player For Supporting The Comments!

He even went on and called out retired NBA player Stephen Jackson who seems to have defended DeSean Jackson. The whole thing seemed a bit troubling for Abdul as Stephen seems to have undone his own progress, as said by Abdul  Jabbar.

The player talks about how these support makes the prejudice look normal and alright which is not right in this ongoing politically unrest situation. When people laugh at these politically incorrect , that is where the problem lies. He went on to talk about how bad this is for the whole Black lives Matter movement as well which pretty much defeats the purpose.