NFL football star Aaron Hernandez’s lover in prison reveals he bragged about four murders in prison.

Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez who was pronounced guilty of one killing freed of two others is no more. He took his own life in prison as a 27-year-old in April 2017. However, that isn’t the end of his story. New incidents are coming up, and it’s all very strange. His lover in prison claims that the former New England Patriots tight end bragged about murdering four people before he committed suicide in his cell.

Aaron Hernandez
Kyle Kennedy

Kyle Kennedy, Hernandez’s boyfriend, said he was guilty of the double homicide charges he was cleared of. And that’s not all. He apparently also bragged of another double homicide. For someone who is in jail for murder, bragging about murdering four people seems strange. But sources say it’s true. Kennedy revealed a little about Hernandez. He said Aaron always used to tell him that he had committed four murders. Apparently he didn’t say it in a serious tone but would always joke around saying, “I got four bodies.”

In the picture- Odin Lloyd

Journalist Dylan Howard wrote a book on Aaron’s case called “Aaron Hernandez’s killing Fields.” In the book, he claims that Aaron went out looking for Odin Lloyd. Odin Lloyd was found guilty of murder in 2015, a week before he died in 2013. But his efforts went in vain as he couldn’t find Odin.

The book then further claims that Aaron rather came across Jordan Miller. Miller was also convicted of murder, but his case was in the unsolved state. Police detective Bo Dietl told Howard that Hernandez probably got tips from one of his goonies. Regarding Odin and his location and then Jordan Miller was shot inside his home from a drive-by, which shot through his window.

He further added that he believed Odin and Miller looked quite similar, and so, they happened to shoot the wrong guy. Before Hernandez was arrested in 2013 for three homicide charges, he spent three years with the New England Patriots. But they terminated his $40 million contract, and he never went back to NFL. After Aaron was freed of the double homicide in April 2017, he took his own life in prison some days later.