New video of Kanye West creates disgust among people! Is he eating his earwax?!

In a disgusting video which has gone viral on social media, has created havoc among Twitter users. The video features Kanye West. It is not a pleasing video of him to watch. Kanye can be seen putting his finger in his ear, scrapping some earwax and then putting that same finger in the mouth!

The video was shot by one of the fans of the singer without him realizing it. As soon as it was posted on Twitter, it went viral. Many publications picked up the video where Kanye can be seen eating his earwax in an absurd display. The video was up on 25th August 2019 but the followers had noticed this not until 1st September 2019.

Apart from singing, Kanye West has been famous for many controversies. One of them includes snatching away 19-year-old Taylor’s moment at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 when he rushed onto the stage and said that Beyoncé deserved the award more than the Bad Blood singer. But his recent act is something which is more disgusting than his past actions.

The video was taken when Kanye had performed his Sunday Service in Dayton, Ohio on the 25th of August. Sunday Service is an initiative by Kanye which he started in 2019. It is kind of a private concert where all the celebrities present are invited by him. It is an impromptu choral setting of Kanye’s music.

After bringing his fingers to his lips, he can be seen kissing someone who is probably Kim Kardashian West.

The reactions are wild and mixed on Twitter. While some say that he has eaten his earwax, others think it was the gum he had taken out of his mouth. People can’t stop joking about his latest foolish act.

While Kanye West is unavailable to make any comment on the video, his behavior patterns show that he will continue to maintain silence on the issue.