New Study of Canada reveals the link between sunlight and gut microbiome!!

The researchers in Canada have shown a beautiful relationship between Sunlight and gut microbiome. They proved that sunlight/UVB light could change the human gut microbiome, especially in those who are deficient with Vitamin D in their bodies.

What study says?

The study was done with twenty-one healthy female volunteers who were given three one-minute sessions of full-body UVB exposure in a single week. The blood sample to know the level of Vitamin D and stool sample for analysis of gut bacteria were taken before the start of the treatment and after the treatment ends.

The skin exposure to UVB increased gut microbiome, but only on those who were not taking Vitamin D during the study. While before the UVB exposure, those women have less diverse and balanced gut microbiome than those taking vitamin D supplements, said by researcher Bruce Vallance.

The study confirmed that an exposure of skin to UVB significantly increases balanced gut Microbiome but only in the 12 subjects, people who don’t take vitamin D supplement, participants in the VDS- group started the study with a significantly lower microbial alpha diversity as compared to the VDS+ group, with UVB exposures increasing their variety to the same level as the VDS+ group,”

Risk of Vitamin D deficiency

The deficiency of Vitamin D can cause your bones to become thin, brittle, and misshapen. It also creates bacteria for diseases like high blood pressure and a weak immune system. Which will your step ahead towards heart diseases and cancer?

We usually are not taking enough quantity of Vitamin D from our diets than what’s required. But getting exposure to sunlight can make up for the difference.

The study ensures that Vitamin D mediates the change in gut bacteria.