New Cancer Vaccine founded at Mayo Clinic helps to remove the Breast Cancer of Florida’s women!! Another achievement for medical Industry!

Nowadays, Cancer is a disease which is very usual to hear among people, while earlier, it was the one which was presented in the human body very rarely. Though it has medications across the world somehow, all medicines are not up to the mark. A New Cancer Vaccine founded at the Mayo Clinic, and it is in undergoing clinical trials.

New Cancer Vaccine introduced at Mayo Clinic

Doctors at Mayo Clinic stated that this Vaccine is effectively removed the cells of Cancer from the human body. Later, he revealed that, in the process of clinical testing trial, it removed the cancer cells from the breast cancer patient. Her name is Lee Mercker and lives in Florida. She was the first person who had become part of this clinical trial.

Later, she told me that I was in shock when I heard about my breast-cancer in March as it was just unbelievable for me as I am a fitness fanatic, and I eat right. After being tested, she found that the stage is Zero, which means her disease is at an early stage, i.e. it can be medicated. She said that I was left with only one option, i.e., joining a clinical trial for life-saving Vaccines to kill the cancer cells.

How this Vaccine Works in the Human Body by Dr. Saranaya Chumsri

Dr. Chumri explained that the Vaccine fights with cancer cells in the body. It stimulated the human’s immune system so the immune cells would go and attach the cancer cells in the body. He says this Vaccine will work “Off the shelf,” same as when a human gets the shot for flu or pneumonia flu.

Work process of the Vaccine explained by Mercker

Mercker said it was just a 12-weeks process. During the process, they always took my blood and did my physical check-up, then had only made my shot right there for me. It was three shots in a sequence, altering arms, four shots, two weeks apart.

Later Mercker told that she was advised to have a mastectomy.