New blood test can detect breast cancer five years before the symptoms appear

The research finds a blood test that can detect breast cancer five years before the symptoms appear. Are you in shock after hearing this? I am sure you are because this is something so weird to hear about but trust me, this is possible. Read on to know the exact details about the researched new blood test.

About the research

The research is initiated by the students studying at the University of Nottingham in the UK. And it was undertaken to reduce the risk the breast cancer. In recent years, breast cancer has become the most common form of cancer in Australian women, with an estimated 19,371 new cases diagnosed annually and 3,000 deaths.

The blood test was developed to identify the body’s immune response to substances produced by tumor cells. Cancer cells produce proteins called antigens that trigger the body to make bacteria of cancer.

And the researchers at the university found these tumor-associated antigens, also known as TAAs are good indicators of cancer. They have developed different panels of TAAs, which are directly associated with breast cancer to detect in the body. And through the taken blood sample, they’ll identify whether the autoantibodies are against them in the blood or not.

But yes, the experts are still not claimed any proper research. They told that research is in the early stage, and a lot more research is needed before any claim can be made. But still, it is an excellent start to detect the symptoms of breast cancer before five years from the appearances in the body.