New Accusations Spilled By Gretchen During Their Father’s Wake!! Blaming Majorie For His Heart Attack!!

The patriarch of the show biz Barretto’s was finally laid to rest Saturday, October 19, his ardent wish and prayer for complete healing within his family remained unfulfilled.

Gretchen’s fifth daughter made an Instagram statement that shocked everyone. She wrote, “My mom spoke to me and assured everyone that she would tell all regarding our family feud, and the day of my Dad’s birthday, and who cause my father’s attack.” 

It is the after-effects of the accusations made by Marjorie towards her sister. All this family drama took place after the scuffle incident on their father’s wake last Wednesday. But Marjorie didn’t waste much time in replying to her sister.

Miguel was Gretchen and Marjorie’s father, who died of a heart attack last month after celebrating his 82nd birthday. Everything was alright until Gretchen revealed that Marjorie didn’t invite their mom, Inday Barretto, to her husband’s birthday gathering. According to her, it was the main cause of his heart attack. It came in highlight after an Instagram user noticed that Inday was not in the pictures taken during the celebration, which were posted by Marjorie on her Instagram on October 6.

The Barretto’s have once again captured the country’s attention and imagination with their family feuds. The family problems and fights are going on for some years since 2004. With each passing year, the family fights have grown intense, and the next generation has also got involved.

Inday Barretto, her late husband, Miguel Barretto, has eight children- Mito( 59), Michelle (58), Joaquin/ JJ (57), Gia(50), Gretchen (49), Marjorie (45), and Claudine (40).

The sisters Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine each have their social media platforms, and each has a sizeable following.

People love seeing their emotional outbursts, public confessions, fights, and family drama. They all have been regularly followed on social media. We just wish them good luck.