Never Have I Ever Writers Have Confessed That Riverdale Has Been An Inspiration For The New Netflix Show. Read To Know More!

Fans just cannot get enough of Devi’s troubled teenage years in the new Netflix special Never Have I never. The show has been receiving an overwhelming response for subscribers within days of its release.

Never Have I never Writers Have Decided To Pay Homage To Yet Another Popular Show! Let Us Look Into It.

Recently the writers behind the show have made an interesting revelation about a popular show being the inspiration behind this new popular high school drama. Let us look into it to know more.

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I am, exclusive interview writer Amina Munir stated that they wanted to pay homage to one of the most popular shows of all time, Riverdale in some way or the other. Fans who have already watched the first season already might have seen Kamala, Devi’s cousin, is introduced to Riverdale for the first time, which she watches with Devi. While Riverdale as a show raises certain questions and Kamala goes on to watch the whole show!

Kamala Looks Upto Betty From Popular Show Riverdale.

Riverdale has also inspired the plot of Never Have I EVER in some way or the other; we cannot miss the moment between Betty and her mom, where she fights for the right to date Jughead this inspiring Kamala to take her love life into her own hands. That’s what makes the show all the more interesting for fans.

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would kill to see their study guide.

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This is how the writers thought that Riverdale is the pretty show to take inspiration from. Kamala takes ideas from Betty, and that’s how it influences the allover or as well. Moreover, what’s interesting to watch is Kamala looking up to Betty for being straightforward with her mother that even Kamalais is aiming to do.