Never Have I Ever: The Makers Reveal the Story Behind the Famous Dance of Lead Protagonist, ‘Devi’

There is a new series released on Netflix which is full of comedy and drama. The main character of the show is Indian Devi who is trying to have sex with hottest jock in school. In such way she will become famous and will be cooler in her group Fabiola and Eleanor.

In episode 3, the three friends get together to make a tik-tok video. As the writer says they got lucky because TikTok is such a huge platform now. But back in 2019 when the script was in progress they had no idea about popularity TikTok has gain today. The major contribution goes to the choreographer of that TikTok.

The making of the episode:

The actors of the team did not have much time to learn dance according to the co-creator Lang Fisher. The main character of the series played by Mindy Kaling also said she wanted people to know the real meaning of social media. And as a matter of fact it was perfect for Devi to get attention of Paxton.

All the actors learned to dance fast says the choreographer Michael Rooney. As they had to learn the whole thing therefore they were shooting between the breaks of practice. And the shoot for the TikTok was done in chunks so it was satisfying to see the whole video so successful at the end. Meanwhile, it was the same for as what and how Devi, Fabiola and Eleanor would have performed.

There were also some plot twists in the third episode. Like, Fabiola finally discovered her sexuality that she is and always was a lesbian. Also Fabiola’s family and friends supported her in that decision. Devi also faced her father as he came back to her as coyote. This was too a turning point for the viewers as well the actors connected with this part of the story.