Never have I Ever Season 2: The Cast Members Of Netflix Teen Drama Reunited To Make A Huge Announcement! Is it coming??

Netflix’s popular comedy high school teen drama series Never Have I Never garnered huge attention from day one. The series grabbed fans with the story of a confused teenager struggling to be the cool one while being the need at the same time!

Time To Rejoice As Never Have I Ever Is Renewed For Season 2! Have a Look.

The first season ended ok a huge cliffhanger, now fans want to know more about Devi and Ben’s equation that was left on a complicated stage. Well, we have some great news as Netflix has renewed the series for season 2!

The renewal status was announced in a rather hilarious eat with all the cast members reuniting through a virtual video conference, while everyone seems to be fascinated with Devi’s newly cut bangs, she had something even bigger to announce! Take a look at the sweet little teaser video that the cast members made and made fans happy with the recent announcement!

The News Was Announced By All The Cast Members Of The Teen Drama Series.

The cliping finally made the much -awaited decision of the show returning for season 2! The first season finale left things on a loose end for almost all the characters and we can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

Moreover, the second season will focus on the relationship building process between Devi and her mother. As her mother also seem to be copping with her husband’s death, how will she gap the bridge with her daughter. We are also eager to see how the love triangle between Devi- Ben and Paxton turns around in the second season. We do not have an official release date yet.