Never Have I Ever: Devi and Paxton could still be a Workable Love Interest

The Sweet & Steamy Kiss!

Devi and Paxton’s relationship was troubled with ups and downs during Never Have I Ever season 2. On the surface, the two couldn’t be more opposite. As the series progressed even Paxton determined that they didn’t make sense due to their dissimilar hobbies and personalities.

Surprisingly, that is precisely what makes him and Devi work in so many ways. Paxton took a time to recover from the anger and disappointment that came with the very dramatic separation after discovering Devi was cheating on him with Ben. But due to the circumstances, Paxton asked Devi to help him in his studies after he lost his swimming scholarship due to an injury incurred in a car accident. Devi agreed to help him as a way to make it up to him.

Paxton and Devi’s Project

Devi has left all hope to dating Paxton again even though she is still attracted to him. Slowly but surely Paxton also started liking Devi. But due to the drama that happened before, Paxton was resistant. Due to the family conflict, Devi forgot to make a presentation for school wherein Paxton, who has been studying well, turns up to present. He sought the help of his grandfather to support his history project about Camp Manzanar. It is a WWII concentration camp in America that housed Japanese Americans. The teacher and the students are both impressed. Devi is also surprised by Paxton’s progress.

devi and paxton | Never Have I ever | Netflix
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The kiss

On the same day, Paxton shows up at Devi’s house in the middle of the night soaking wet from the rain wanting to speak to her. However, as he stands in her room thanking Devi for her help in his studies, sparks flow and they found themselves attracted to each other. Steadily Paxton moves closer to Devi and leans in for a kiss. Both of them finds it irresistible and both of them hook up in her room.

kiss | devi and paxton | Never Have I ever | Netflix
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