Netflix’s Zombie Action Thriller “Black Summer” All Set For Season 2?? Checkout for release date, plot and expectation!!

Karl SchWhat’s and John Hyams created a popular zombie action thriller sequel, Black Summer.

What’s New?

The Z nation is functioning on the earth; it is a continuous sequence of prequel crazy zombie series. This time a more darker tone is created compared to the earlier series. The chain is continuing on a different timeline from the Syfy sequence but has some nonsecular connections to the Z nation. 

The story revolves around the darkest days of the zombie apocalypse, even before the Z nation.

Is Black Summer Renewed with Season 2?

No confirmation has come as yet via Netflix regarding the future of the series. Usually, Netflix gives an update on its social account regarding its shows.

But on other Entertainment sites, the news about Black summer has been updated. Yet, the creators have not verified the report. At times Netflix doesn’t want to make an official comment on a few matters and leaves it drifting.

The main lead of Black Summer, Jamie King, is also seen busy with his upcoming movies.

Is season two required?

The last season concluded on a happy ending where rose and her daughter were about to reunite, only Sun, Spears and Rose survived the journey to the stadium. The only survivor who could continue the story for the next season was Vallez, but Rose had to kill him, due to slowing her and the other survivors down due to his bruises.

Season 1 showed mass starvation, paranoia, and panic made that were the hardest time periods of the apocalypse, which could give reason to carry the journey on.

Whatever the news is, the audiences did enjoy season 1 and are still hoping to see this action thriller shortly.