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Netflix’s The Crown shows 1996 Aberfan Tragedy; Real Survivors of the disaster not happy with the Queen being shown ‘Callous’

The third season of “The Crown” is out now on the famous streaming network Netflix today on 17th November. The historical drama television series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II starring Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, the new series features several historical events in the 1960s and 1970s, including the Aberfan disaster.

What was the real story of Aberfan?

The third season of “The Crown” lists the royal family from 1964 to 1977, mainly focusing on many key events. The third episode is majorly about the tragic event which took place in the Welsh mining village of Aberfan in 1966.

On 21st October 1966, tragedy struck in the Welsh mining town of Aberfan. After heavy rainfall, a spoil tip suddenly slid downhill, causing a landslide that killed more than one hundred forty people where one hundred sixteen were children. As depicted in The Crown’s third season, this incident known to be as the Aberfan disaster which remains Queen Elizabeth II’s biggest regret

Queen reveals to the newly elected Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, that she has trouble expressing her emotion. And as she’s told on her way to Aberfan, “You may wish to consider that this is Wales, not England. A display of emotion would not just be considered appropriate it’s expected.” At the time of her visit, Queen Elizabeth II certainly appears red-eyed, dabbing her face with a handkerchief in front of reporters. But later she confides to Wilson, that she never shed a tear.

Many Real survivours are quite unhappy with these incidence shown.

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